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Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 20:14:31 EDT
 In a message dated 9/8/01 2:33:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
 << Place a 12m director in front of the 10m driven and see what happens using
  your modeling software, or roughly check how the 12m director lenght
  converge to a 10m reflector using the typical formulas.
  Mauri I4JMY
  > This 12/10M interference is a puzzling concept. k7gco
 The discussions were centered around a 2 element 5 band quads using 
reflectors--not with directors as I recall.  So far it appears it works as 
others have got it to work on all 5 bands without problems with the DE's not 
all tied together and using reflectors. 
 I can see where a 3 element 5 band quad could get real sticky and will try 
it when I get time. These types of problems have been solved with wider 
spacing and that is worth a try.  Variable Xc's can detune a parasite when 
certain bands are used.  My plan to use variable Xc's in each reflector all 
ganged together driven by a selsyn on the mast has 2 ways of doing it.  Once 
the settings are found, adjust the set screws so the Xc's are all set for 
gain for F/B. Or have all off band Xc's at random settings (within 180 
degrees) and detuned say on the low sides. On each band it is then necessary 
to set the selsyn to a certain degree setting on each band.  The rest are all 
way off. There is a solution for just about any problem except crooked 
politicians if you are creative enough. This should isolate the reflectors 
even more. k7gco    

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