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[TowerTalk] D40 & TH6 same mast (+other bands?)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] D40 & TH6 same mast (+other bands?)
From: (Peter Larsen)
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 00:48:56 +0100
Hi Mike:
20 deg here in Calgary, and not a puff of wind. So down came
my set up.
TH6dxx @ 72 feet
6M7 @ 77 feet
Hy-Gain 40 dipole at 84 feet.
Now I know I am much higher than your set up, but it worked
great. I was able to work EU and Auz at the same time. I didn't
have to rotate the antenna because on this side of the country
they are just about opposite directions.
I went from a band with no signals (inverted V at 48 feet)
to a band that was full of DX :-)
In the Canada Day contest I worked all 24 mults with it.
(Dang those VE9's are hard to find)
IMHO this was a killer set up. I am looking to replace the
TH6 and the 40 with a C4 or C4s. I haven't made up my mind 
yet. I am also getting off of 6 meters so don't need the 
6M7 (it works great, Mexico, Greenland, Japan, and lots of
I didn't use the 40 on any other band so can't help you 
with the second part of your question.
Follow the link at the bottom of my note, click on the 
ham radio page and then go to the QRP page. You will see
pictures of my Ex-setup.

 Peter J. Larsen

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