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[TowerTalk] D40(&other antennas) on 6m (correction)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] D40(&other antennas) on 6m (correction)
From: (Mike & Coreen Smith)
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 21:12:07 -0300
Hi guys,

Think I made a boo-boo when I said the pattern on 6m for the CC D40 40m
dipole was a butterfly.
Seems modeling it with a couple different antenna programs gives different
results.  Pattern (I think)
is more like a butterfly, with another smaller butterfly at 45degrees to
that one. (Like a big blob!)

I am sorry if I led some of you astray on that. I am new to the "antenna
modeling on computer" aspect of antennas.
Been building them since I was a boy, but just putting them in the air and
seeing if they work.  Having a program sure does save you a lot of time, but
is no substitute for real-life.

The gist of all this is, the CC D40 *WILL WORK* on 6m.....and 30m/17m too!

Using the S-meter on the FT-847, I listened to my 6m beacon(ve9ms/b) 30km
away to my NW. It's normally about S4-S5 here on the 6m yagi. Using the D40
I saw the S-meter wobble from S0 thru S3 as I went thru all compass points.
4 deep nulls(s0-almost zilch) , 4 large peaks(s3), 4 smaller peaks.(s1-s2)

23 years a ham and learning every day!  This hobby just never ceases to
amaze me.
A 40m antenna on 6m that REALLY works. Awesome!!

As an aside, I am told that a full size 17m ground plane antenna works quite
well on 6m too. VE1ZZ's brother (I forget his call) has huge wire ground
planes hanging all over his yard. He let me try out a TR-6 I bought from him
many years ago and
we listened to some ZS's on the 17m ground plane. They were loudest on that
antenna and weak on all other wires he had in his many acres out back.

73 de Mike VE9eh eh!

dit dit

Michael, Coreen & Corey Smith
(VE9AA,  VE9AAA & Baby-VE9)
271 Smith Rd
Waterville, NB
E2V 3V6

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