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[TowerTalk] Delta (Quad) Loop Polarization

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Delta (Quad) Loop Polarization
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Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 23:20:46 EDT
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>  //  I saw a demonstration on an antenna range which showed that a FW loop 
>  does not have both both horizontal and vertical components of either the 
>  E-field or the H-field.  Cross polarization isolation was equal to that 
>  of a dipole.

Where was it fed? Your last sentence implies it was fed horizontally (like a 
dipole)? In that case your statement is true, quad loop behaves like the 
horizontal dipole.

I have modeled quad loops for dual polarization (H and V) and contrary to 
W8JI claims and others, they have dual polarization components nicely filling 
nulls in the pattern of the "other" polarization. I had 3 el. dual 
polarization quad mounted over salt water on the boat ramp, half wave up, 90% 
of the time beating 4 square over "salty beach sand."


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