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[TowerTalk] Tower Up and Operational.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Up and Operational.
From: (Bill Coleman)
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 17:06:05 -0400

After reading this list for 7 years (at least, it seems that long), I 
finally have my first tower up, and operational. 

Tower is 44 feet of Rohn 25, bracketed at 26 and 18 feet. The mast 
extends just shy of 6 feet out the top, and holds an A3S tribander at 49 
feet. One end of a wire dipole is mounted at 40 feet, and I have plans 
for shunt feeding on 80m, an inverted L for 160m, and a 40m 1/2 wave 

Many thanks to Gary, K9AY for helping me to mount the antenna, climbing 
to the top when I got too worried, as well as helping me out on the 
ground. (Tip: be sure to use up the length of the nylon sling so you 
won't run out of room to pull the antenna up. Gary had to lift the whole 
business the last 16 inches) Thanks, to Dan, W4EA for loaning me his 
massive Bill Wall gin pole for two solid months, as well as helping me to 
mount sections. Thanks to Mike, W7OT for leaving me a whole bunch of 
stuff when he moved, which allowed me to finance most of the tower, as 
well as encouraging me the whole way. Guys, I couldn't have done it 
without you.

And thanks to the folks on this list, who have tirelessly answered my 
questions, patiently corrected my errors and continue to come up with the 
most helpful suggestions. I only hope I can repay you by helping someone 

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