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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 01:47:06 EDT
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  My previous question regarding a thrust bearing for a Telex Hy-Gain HG70-HD
 did not yield much response.
 Perhaps a better question would be:  Where can I get a very heavy-duty
 thrust bearing that will accept a 2" mast, and can be bolted to the flat
 steel plate at the top of the tower.
 Drilling, welding, machining or adapting is no problem.  I just need the
 bearing and bearing holder.
 The reason I need "very heavy duty" is because I'll have a 26' X 27'
 H-frame, four relatively large 6M beams, and an elevation rotor on the mast
 above the tower.
  Thank you,
  Barrie, W7ALW, Missoula, Montana
Thrust bearings seems to be a problem in many ways.  There is a thrust 
bearing that never gives any problem, very cheap and is the simplest of all.  
Just have the end of the mast rest on an aluminum plate.  Have another pipe 
telescope into the mast and connect to the rotator through the same diameter 
hole in the aluminum plate.  It's a complete bearing both ways and doesn't 
need lubrication.  I have one that's over 50 years old.  It did wear a grove 
about 1/8" deep.  So I reclamp it to the PP female once every 15 years or so 
to assure no down weight thrust on the PP.  You can add thin washers under 
the plate where it attaches to the tower also.  I rotate beams far more than 
most also.  Only the Mfgs and those they brain wash think you need a fancy 
thrust bearing.  There is usually an easier and cheaper way to do just about 
anything it you put some thought to it.  k7gco   

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