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Subject: [TowerTalk] Msg below
From: (David J. Windisch)
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 06:47:41 -0400
Hi, all concerned:

I received what's below privately.

73, Dave, K3BHJ

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Subject: tower erection
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Greetings David,

I know nothing about tower erection stuff.  I saw your
e-mail address on Tower Talk.

I was wondering if I could pick your brain a little
bit, and if you can head me in the right direction at
least.  Here it is:

A telecom company bought a pre-fabricated tower from
Central Towers (??).  Central provided all the parts
and even delivered the kit to the site.  Labor was not

While assembling/erecting the tower, a guy wire (??)
came loose from its 5/16 plate clamp, collapsing the
tower and killing the person on the tower.  Come to
find out that the required clamp should have been 4/16
instead of 5/16 and that the 5/16 clamp was designed
for telephone poles and the like so that when a car
hit the clamp would give way and release the cable.

One engineer has tested the 5/16 clamp in question and
that result showed that the 5/16 held better than the
4/16.  Is this misleading in some way?

Additionally, the plate clamp required 100 ft./lbs. of
torque.  A crobsy clip requires only 15 ft./lbs. of
torque.  No instructions, tools, or warnings were
given advising of the 100 ft./lbs. requirement.
Additionally a crescent wrench is the only tool used
in the field, and it cannot put 100 ft./lbs. or torque
on the plate clamp.

Is everything i'm saying correct?  what are other
liability areas, if any of Central, in this fact
pattern?  Further suggestions?

Best regards,

Lance Nguyen

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