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[TowerTalk] wall mounted antenna tuners

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Subject: [TowerTalk] wall mounted antenna tuners
From: (Bill Capps)
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 01:23:14 -0700
        I havent been hamming real long, but i have noticed something relating 
antenna tuners that i was curious about. I have recently been given a
couple boxes of old CQ magazines. One the covers of these magazines, there
is usually a photo of a ham and his hamshack.  Often in many of the photos,
i see real big capacitors and air inductors mounted on the wall and
ceilings of the showcase shack. Obviously these are antenna tuners, but
what is the thinking behind these giant units and there placement in the
shack? Are they used for ladder line fed antennas, or maybe a shunt-fed
        I was just curious, if any one can clue me in on these tuners i would
appreicate it. Just send me an email so not to clog up the reflector. 

Thanks and 73

bill capps

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