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Subject: [TowerTalk] delta loop beams - US manufactured
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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 22:11:08 EDT

The antenna you are inquiring about was the model DL-TRI by Delta Loop 
Antenna, Inc. of Weston, VT (previously in New Milford, CT).  The company is 
no longer in business.  The owner, Robert Hobert, KA1UJ is, I think, a SK.  
The array is very strong, using none of the standard U-bolt type clamps.  
Element-to-boom and boom-to-mast joints are all done with heavy-duty solid 
machined aluminum parts, not castings, and stainless steel hardware.  Two of 
the 3 sides were made of aluminum tubing that rose from the boom at an angle 
with a copper wire stretched across the top for the 3rd side of the delta 

I purchased what may be one of the last DL-TRI's back in April 1993, when he 
was not actively building any arrays with 10 Meter capability due to the low 
sunspot activity at that time.  The array included 2 elements on 20 and 15 
meters plus 3 elements on 10 meters and weighed 81 lbs when fully assembled 
on a 13.5 ft boom.  Each band was fed with separate feedlines through gamma 
matchs affixed to the boom.  There was a review of the DL-TRI in CQ in June 
1988 by Lew McCoy, W1ICP.  

I have never gotten around to building the full array due to tower 
restrictions in my neighborhood.  Right now I am using the 3 element 10 meter 
delta loop portion mounted on a military surplus AB-577 crank-up mast for 
several contest operations per year.

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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