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Subject: [TowerTalk] Identifying Tower Manufacturer
From: (Glenn Black)
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 20:50:50 -0400
I have just purchased 10 sections of 10 foot long tower and would like
to find out who was the original manufacturer so I can get the specs. 
There is no name plate nor other identifying marks on any of the

The 3 main legs are made out of 3/4" solid steel rod, and the web
bridging between the main legs is 1/2" solid steel rod.  The bridging is
a continuous length of rod, bent to give the zig-zag shape, then welded
to the main legs.

The 10 sections are attached together by three 1/2" thick plates at the
top and bottom of each section using 7/16" bolts.

All sections are hot dip galvanized.

The 10 sections form two separate towers (each tower being composed of 3
sections each for a height of 30 ft. each).  The two towers are joined
together at the top by the other four sections mounted horizontally
between the two towers ( a 40 ft. long gangway with expanded metal on
the top surface for walking along).  The end result are two towers,
each  30 ft. tall, with a 40 ft. long gangway connecting them together.

The bottom ends of the two towers have the three legs bent in, thereby
narrowing the tower sides, and welded to a central mounting plate for
bolting to a foundation.

At the top end, each of the towers can accomodate a separate mast of
approximately 2" diameter.

Thanks for any help or leads or guesses you can give me.


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