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Subject: [TowerTalk] Poly phaser protectors
From: aa0cy@VRINTER.NET (Bob Wanderer)
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 10:41:38 -0400

Good luck getting a response from PolyPhaser.  After being
bought out by Smith Industries (who I believe now also own
Transtector), they became less and less individual- and ham
radio operator-friendly.  Nevertheless, the best thing is to
call them.  Quite honestly, I know from personal experience
that e-mails are a relatively low priority.  PolyPhaser also
got rid of most of the technical salespeople who had solid
technical backgrounds and substituted people with more of a
sales background.  When you call, ask for either Tricia
Eaton-Marsh or Pat Heeren.  Both of these folks should still
be there, and both are of the "old breed."

In addition to their catalogued items, PolyPhaser has a
multitude of custom and special protectors.  I don't know
what their policy on customs are anymore, but again try to
get Tricia or Pat and see what they can do.  The catalogued
telco protectors (IS-xPTL, etc.) may or may not work with
DSL, but I do recall creating a custom that would pass
higher voltages.  I don't recall the part # however.

ex-PolyPhaser Technical Consultant

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