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[TowerTalk] Cleaning/referb of antennas

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cleaning/referb of antennas
From: (Bryan Fields)
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 20:56:50 -0500
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>  Ever since the '60s I have used Vaseline on all outdoor antennas.  This
>  obviously includes all nuts and bolts, but also splice connections,
>  connectors, etc.  If we ASSUME (and ensure!) that we have good mechanical
>  AND electrical connections, we can apply a liberal amount to Vaseline.  It
>  fills in seams/pores, prevents air AND water from reaching components
>  (prevents oxidation), is cheap, NEVER solidifies, and is relatively easy
> to clean up.  A drawback:  it collects dirt!  Dust and dirt will 'stick' to
> the surface of the Vaseline.  However, if good M&E connections were made
> PRIOR to applying the Vaseline, this is not a problem as this contamination
> resides on the surface.
>  I do not know if this material will present a problem under high power.  I
>  have used up to 200,000 mW without a problem.  I have not noticed any
>  'migration' of the Vaseline.  That is, I have not seen the Vaseline
> migrate into a good M&E connection and make it a bad connection.
>  Aside from the *obvious* uses, has anyone else used it for antennas??  I
>  have taken a TA-33Jr, dipoles and coax in after being outdoors for
> years... no oxidation visible after clean-up, no water/moisture in coax,
> nuts and bolts operate as new...
>  Allright, NOW go ahead and tell me why Vaseline is the worst thing to
> use!!

Well I used it many times when Silicone grease was not available.  It does 
not work as well on bolts, but still better than nothing.  does tend to run 
out of a joint though.  

Just don't go to Wallgreens at 12 PM to grab a jar and a pack of D cells.  No 
one will belive your antenna got blown down and your flashlight is dead!

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