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Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 05:56:33 -0700
Hi TT ers

Back in the late 50's, my dad and I had a ground plane antenna on the
roof of our house.  We used silicone in the coax connector to
keep water MAY have been suggested in the instructions
to do that.  Maybe a year later, the connector shorted out and
blamed the trouble on lightning, etc.

Sometime later, I installed commercial mobile radios for a living. 
It was common practice in the shop to apply silicone "grease" to the
multi- pinned "Jones" plug pins because they were then easy to
About 6 months later the customer would come back with a problem...
blown fuse.  Troubleshot and found a DEAD SHORT in the "Jones"
connector between battery and ground.  That happen on at least
two occasions that I know of.....THEN, several years later, I installed
a Bakelite connector on my truck and again used silicone...about
6 months later a fuse blew.  Sure enough the connector shorted...
a dead short.

It was then that I realized that the silicone had to be chemically
with the Bakelite to cause the short.

Some insulating material may be immune to silicone, but IMHO don't
use silicone IN a coax connector or any other connector, especially
the mica-filled Bakelite type. 

Charlie, N0TT

> Now I never ever found anything better than Silicone grease to stop 
> corrosion 
> between SS hardware like clamps, bolts and aluminum when properly 
> applied- -2 
> very very dissimilar metals.  Vaseline can be hosed off.  Silicone 
> grease 
> sticks so well that any surface even with the silicone grease wiped 
> off will 
> not hold paint.  K7gco

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