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[TowerTalk] Shortened Dipole on 160M L Antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Shortened Dipole on 160M L Antenna
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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:26:21 EDT
In a message dated 9/25/01 10:20:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
 I don't know either of you gentlemen, so pardon me for interrupting, but
 could you please take the back-and-forth off the reflector and over to
 private e-mail? I get a lot of excellent info from this reflector, but this
 kind of thing is not what I want to read.  Many thanks to you both.
 73, Jerry W5KP
Jerry:  I requested your desires to them both a couple of times for the very 
reasons you state and instead of private answers from them it comes out on 
TT.  I will defend my statements any time just as a matter of principal.  
When many from all over the world (even limited antenna experience) tell me 
my data is correct and repeatable by them, perhaps you can understand the 
problems created by those (only the same 2) who continuously comment on 
suggested concepts of mine and others they refuse to or are technically 
unable to duplicate or understand.  

Although technical advice is freely given it should withstand technical 
examination by those with the skills to do it and I welcome it.  I suggest 
you direct your comments mostly to those with the technical deficiencies and 
those who close their eyes to those who seriously abuse the right to question 
technical concepts in a rational manner.  You could have E-mailed me 
privately but didn't so I haven't answered privately either.  See how it 
goes?  If you have further comments do it privately.

TT is a great source of information that many contribute to freely.  When I 
have "proven antenna data" I will defend it fully at all times.  If it's 
valid it's certainly worth defending to whatever level needed.  It often 
required a lot of time and $$$ to develop.  So what is the big sin?   K7GCO

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