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Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 00:20:57 EDT
In a message dated 9/25/01 7:28:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:<< 
 There are several types of silicone grease and these different types do
 react at different frequencies and at different power levels.  Check the Dow
 Corning web site and one should be able to find this info...
 At our firm, we had to do quite a significant research to find a silicone
 grease that would not be affected by the RF that we utilize; 2.4GHz.  Some
 that reacted violently and heated and some changed molecular structure at
 lower frequencies worked quite well at 2.4GHZ and vice versa.
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  > >    Charlie, can you send me some of the grease you use as I'd like
 > > to run some tests with RF also at different levels.  k7gco
 > No can do....the supply I used ran out a long time ago.  The
 > "problem"  grease I had was from two different
 > sources...I'm sure of that...but  in the same era.  Maybe
 > there is no problem now with more modern grease...who knows?
  > 73, Charlie, N0TT
Charlie: Thanks for the info.  You just verified what I had suspected.  As I 
pointed out in a previous post I use RTV silicone rubber to seal PL-259's and 
none has shorted out as yet.  Silicone grease has been used to act as a heat 
conductor in heat sinks and I've never heard of it creating shorts. k7gco

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