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Subject: [TowerTalk] silicone grease
From: (Craig Clark)
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 07:23:47 -0400
I sell this stuff so I do have an interest. That said, here's what I know.

Lightning protectors:

We sell the ICE line and there are several units that would apply for 
telephone lines. The ICE 340 is designed as a telephone impulse suppressor 
and noise/RF filter.

They also have a DSL filter but I can't find the information due to a home 
renovation we are doing. I'll get the information later today.

Silicone Grease and RTV:

Again, ICE has a silicone grease 615 that can be used to weather seal 
connectors.  Frankly, I don't use it in my station but I have folks who 
swear by its use.

With RTV Silicone, you need to use an electrical grade RTV that does not 
have the curing acid (acetic?) in it. GE makes several "electronics grade" 
RTV sealers. Back at HR Mag days, we tried selling them but there wasn't 
much interest so we dropped them. The RTV 162 comes in 83 ml tubes and is 
white. There also is RTV 108 which is translucent and I have a 138 ml tube 
on hand. I have used the RTV is weather sealing connections but frankly 
feel that tape, coax seal (duct seal,) Scotchkote and a few other products 
do a better job.
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