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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ideal 40m Wire Antenna
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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 22:22:31 +0200
Dear OM Tim !

I had a 60 feet guyed mast with a 5 element yagi (20/15/10) on top of it some 
years ago. For 40 Meters I built a 4 element sloping dipole using this mast a a 
support. Of course it was necessary to change the guylines from metallic ropes 
to some nonconductive material.

The Antenna itself was 4 (shortened) dipoles spaced at 90 degree. Part of the 
feedline (coax) is used to make one element the driven element and the other 
three to work as reflectors. So you get good directivity and a verly low angle 
of radiation without the need of an extensive radial-system. By flipping a 
switch you can instantly change direction, which proved to be very usefull in 

I used a quarterwave-vertical before and the 4 el sloper was really an 

I described this antenna in Ham-Radio-Magazine. If you would like to get more 
information, just send me your address and I will ship you a copy of this 
article. Some information on such an antenna can also be found in the 
ARRL-Antenna Handbook.


Juergen - OE5CWL

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> Gentlemen,
> Assume you have a guyed 80' mast (not a tower).
> What would be the best wire antenna you would put on it, for 40m Dxing ?
> Tim, EI8IC

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