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[TowerTalk] Info on Wilson / US Towers MA40 Crankup needed

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Info on Wilson / US Towers MA40 Crankup needed
From: (Mike King)
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 17:24:07 -0500
Hi all,

I just got an old Wilson 40' crankup.  It is idential from what I can tell
of the US Towers MA40. It was a very very good deal, so I can put some bucks
into it to make it like a shiney new penny.  I am planning to replace the
winches, cables and fix er up real nice.

Question, how tough is it getting bolts, cables, winches, etc. out of US
Towers, or is it better to get my own bolts, make identical cables, and
procure my own winches.

Seems to me the cables would be pretty easy to do, unless there is something
inside that is funny how they connect to the inner tube.

>From my HDX-555 installation, I remember how robust those base bolts were,
thinking these must be a real special steel with nuts welded to the bottom
for securing in the concrete.

Winches, as long as they have the load ability, and safety catch and cork
washer brake on release like my HDX-555 winches, I would prefere to use the
same.  Seems to me I got a handout in the packet of info on the HDX-555,
which showed the winch manufacturer specs.  I think they were located in
Wisconsin or something.

Anyone out there with the scoop or opinion?  Idea on cost?

I am planning on using the US Tower base dimensions for their MA40,
freestanding, 3x3x4 with rebar, etc.

73 and thanks in advance!

Mike - KM0T

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