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Subject: [TowerTalk] Parallel dipoles
From: (Sante - IK0HBN)
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 07:18:19 +0200
I need your help. I must redo 2 dipoles hanged down to the same coax. They 
got broken due to the age of wires, so I choice using thicker wire.
Involved bands were 30 and 17 meters. Having to do the job I have thought 
adding even the 12 meters band so to have that band running here. My 
questions are:
a) Is it possible sharing a single balun for 3 dipoles? I guess YES.

b) Have I trying trimming them when ALL linked to the balun, or should I 
cut one dipole at time, removing it, and after putting up another to be 

c) If the first option should be preferred, of course trimming one band 
legs, resonance on the other 2 bands will move, so  from which band I have 
to start trimming? IE. Do I begin bringing at resonance the 30 meters band 
first with the other 2 at place (linked to balun) or should I start from 12 
meter? - My question take place from the evidence that cutting one band, 
the others two move enough.

I have a MFJ-269 for the job.
 From the balun the 3 dipoles run slightly separated so to have them at 
ground about 1 meter between them.
Any possible help/hint will be greatly appreciated here.

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