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[TowerTalk] New House: Best Way To Route Feedlines

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New House: Best Way To Route Feedlines
From: (Allan W. Schlaugat)
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 02:13:54 -0500
I am in the very early stages in building my 'dream home'.
I will have a Rohn 55G 50ft tower next to the house built to Rohn specs
with no guy wires. I would like to route the feedlines for the tower, 3
feet from the house and into the basement (and the single point ground
panel) where they can then be routed up to my radio room. The concrete
contractor will be pouring the basement walls on Wednesday. A ham friend
suggested I put some 2" PVC pipes in the walls 5 feet up from the floor (4'
below ground level) to allow for the feedlines to pass underground from the
tower thru the wall into the basement. 
That sounds ideal but I am getting static from my general contractor and my
wife. The general contractor and my wife suggests putting the pass-thru at
the header boards for the main floor joists just above the concrete
basement wall. This way it would be easy to route the feedlines into the
house without digging between the tower and the basement wall; everything
is above ground. The contractor is concerned about the basement wall with
PVC pipes going thru it; my wife is concerned about animals and moisture
finding the pipes for a way into the house
The above ground ouside walls will be brick, so I need to think about how
to route the feedlines before the concrete and brick is poured and layed.
I'm looking for ideas on how to route 7 to 8 - 1/2" feedlines into the
house that I overlooked and pros and cons for my two options I now have.

On a related note, the absolute best way I have ever seen to route
feedlines into a basement was the method used by Scott, KA9FOX. He took one
of the panes of glass out of one of those small basement windows and
replaced it with a copper plate. He then drilled holes in the plate for the
Polyphaser protectors so that the feedlines connect on the outside of the
window and the Polyphaser gets attached to the plate. He then grounded the
plate to a ground rod in the basement window well and his feedlines then go
from the Polyphaser device to his radios. I would love to do this but local
building code here does not allow for a outside window in the basement
utility room (where the feedlines would be entering in my case).

73   Al   N9ISN

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