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[TowerTalk] Removing Prop-Pitch Motor Locking Ring

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Removing Prop-Pitch Motor Locking Ring
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Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 23:10:54 EDT
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 Does anyone out there have a proven way to remove the threaded locking
 ring which secures the electric motor to the lower gear housing on a
 prop-pitch motor?  All of the previous P-P's I've had experience with
 had the retaining ring secured by peripheral bolts and was obviously
 very easy to remove.  This one has a threaded ring which has an ominous
 decal nearby on the housing which says "tighten to 250 to 300 foot
 lbs.!!  (They must have only had gorillas in the AAF to work on these
 I've got a spanner wrench which I believe was recommended in a post a
 long time ago, but this doesn't even begin to turn the ring.  Using a
 drive punch with a hammer looks like it would destroy the key slots
 which obviously I don't want to do.  It seems like the only way to
 remove this ring is with the proper tool and a VERY large gorilla!
  Bill  W5IQJ
I broke one loose with an impact wrench.  I'd use penetrating oil, then heat 
it and have at it.  It may take a few cycles of heating and cooling..  It 
came loose just one impact before I was going to quit.  "Sudden Impact" is 
the key and a smaller gorilla is needed. Use Silicone grease on the threads 
before assembly.  k7gco

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