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[TowerTalk] Will the M2 Rotors work in the HDX-589 tower???????/

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Will the M2 Rotors work in the HDX-589 tower???????/
From: (Lew)
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 20:22:44 -0700
Hi Jack,
     By the M2 rotors I assume you're discussing the OR2800DC? If so 
it'll fit inside the top section of a HDX-579, but you must insist on 
the circular drive plate modification. The drive plate usually is 
configured in an ovoid shape, which won't let it turn inside the top of 
the HDX-589.
     The factory can make the modified drive plate, or a friendly 
machinist can make the oval a round plate..or if you're deft with a 
sawz-all you can do it yourself.
     Also if you utilize a mast thats >2 1/8" diameter or so, you may 
need to apply the sawz-all solution to the bases of the two mast clamps 
so that they may turn freely also...otherwise the neighbors will come to 
understand the full width and breadth of your vocabulary even better.
     73 and I remain,

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