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Subject: [TowerTalk] steel roofs
From: (Craig Clark)
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 08:21:12 -0400
One of the compelling reasons for a steel roof in NH is that you do not 
have snow building up on the roof in the winter. Ice dams at the edge of 
the roof are a big problem here in the "great white north." If you have 
never had one, trust me, they are a PITA.

We installed a standing seam metal roof five years ago. I recommend them 
highly even though they cost 50 to 100% more than an asphalt shingle roof. 
There are several reasons. Your standard shingle are no where as well made 
as shingles of 20 years ago. IF you get a contractor that can make a 
standing seam metal roof for you, there are no screws or other exposed 
fasteners that would potentially leak. They are all under the seams. What 
is really nice about a standing seam roof is you get a wide range of colors 
to choose from and the contractor shows up with a roll of 22 gage steel and 
custom fits each "pan" to your roof. No seams or fasteners to leak.

  I have a metal roof on the barn and over time, the screws have backed out 
a bit or the rubber grommets holding the screw to the roof have 
deteriorated and water does seep in. In the barn, this isn't a problem. 
Here at the house, it is.

We discussed lightning with the contractor and he didn't think it would be 
a problem. Yes it's a big hunk of steel on our roof but with the trees and 
other towers in close proximity, we felt there was no need to electrically 
bond and ground this roof. With your tower in close proximity to your 
house, you may have the same "protection" we have.

I would guess that if your antennas are at least a wavelength away from the 
roof, there would be not interaction.

I have probably told everyone more than they want to know abt metal roofs. 
I do swear by, not at, mine.

73 Craig Clark W1JCC

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