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[TowerTalk] Cow-Proof Beverage

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cow-Proof Beverage
From: (John Tait)
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 21:11:34 +0100

Hi Tim..

Subject: [TowerTalk] Cow-Proof Beverage

> I would like to try a Beverage this year, but the problem is that it would
> have to run through a field full of cows, who take great delight in
> scratching and rubbing on anything they find.
> I would like to ask fellow Amateurs what is the best cow-proof support for
> Beverage antenna ?

            Cows ain't quite as dumb as they look....! They know what
electric fences
are...and how unpleasant they feel when they bump into one...
   So!! make your Beverage out of electric fencing hardware, and the cows
moooove away from it...!!
  OR! Just put it well up over their heads, but your posts will have to be
well anchored.
BTW...If your particular moo cows have not been introduced to 'lectric
fences, put your beverage up AS a genuine electric fence for a couple of
weeks... They'll get the message pretty damn quick.
  Every few days, when the beverage is not in use, connect the 'lecric fence
again, just to remind the
"critters" to stay clear..
           73 y'all
            Yeeeee   Haaaa!!
           John EI7BA

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