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Subject: [TowerTalk] Feedline Pipe or tubing
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Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 06:43:20 -0700
> I have a 100 ft run of 4 inch PVC buried and pulled all my coax and 
> control lines through it. It was no easy task, especially when I 
> added a few more cables at a later date - my pull rope tangled 
> within the existing cable runs, etc. I wound up pulling everything 
> out to get everything back in.

Yep, sure does get tangled...I think I mentioned this before on TT...
Install some smaller thinned-walled PVC pipe inside the larger
to run various cable in.  The thin-walled is cheap, comes in 10 or
20 foor lenghts.  it's called SDR-26 and it is used for underground
sprinkler systems, etc.  I found a large supply of it at the local Ace
Hardware store.

A pull rope can be fished in with a rubber ball (etc) and a shop
vacuum cleaner.

Charlie, N0TT

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