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[TowerTalk] The leaning tower of Ham!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The leaning tower of Ham!
From: (Peter Larsen)
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 22:50:42 +0100
I received this note from a friend today:
> Looks like the strong winds last night have created a safety 
> hazard with my 56' Rohn H.D. tower.
> I don't see any bending of the metal or mount.
> I checked the level on the cement slab and it is level, so no 
> soil failure here.
> The tower legs were placed in ~ 3 yds. of concrete as a 
> 4'x4'x4' block with the bottom foot flared out to 5' or so.  
> It's been standing there FB over 15 years.
> There is a duo band ringo at the tip followed by a homebrew 
> 14 el. 70cm yagi + HyGain 14 el. 2m. yagi and a HyGain TH3Mk3 
> 3 el. TriBander and a discone lower down.  Some runs of Andrews
> FSJ450 and some LDF450 along with some Beldin 9913 lo-loss.  
> The rotor is a Ham-M style.
> Since I back onto a park area, it's physically possible to get
> a small bucket truck /crane against the back fence.
So now my question:
Can any one tell me what the weight of a 56 foot Rohn tower
would be? I have an idea that it will be hard to get a big enough 
bucket truck into the yard to reach the beams.
So I feel that the tower will have to come down by being slung 
above the center point of gravity and unbolted from the base.
Then lowered with the winch.
I have told my friend that under no circumstance is any one 
allowed to climb the tower!! 
Yes I know this is a very dangerous job, but the tower needs to 
come down right away.
I believe that the cement under the ground has rotted away to
the extent that it is no longer viable. Very high alkaline soil 
in this area. Even some basements have had to be redone.

If any one wants some pics of the tower please reply off
of the reflector.

 Peter J. Larsen

> Illigitimus Non Carborundum

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