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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn and Stacks
From: (Ron Bolton)
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 20:41:10 -0400
Unless I'm missing something here, I'm confused.  I see the ads for stacking
controller boxes, rotating tower bearings, rotating rings and such for
mounting multiple beams on a single tower.  The rings systems and the
rotation tower systems all make models for 45G and 55G.   As I have some
interest in going that direction I decided to spec out some components and
then figure up costs to see if I could make my dream a reality.   What I
found in the process is that the specs don't add up.   I started with the
current Rohn catalog specs for both 45G and 55G.  As I'm in a 75MPH rated
location, I used the 90MPH figures for 55G.  For a 100' tower, it's only
rated for 16.0 sq. ft. which means stacking just  two C-4XL's exceed the
limits.  So from what I see, unless you're lucky enough to live in an area
where you can use the 70MPH ratings, if you want to stack, you're limited to
something like a TA33.  So what's going on with all these pictures I see of
these nice stack installations?  Is everyone ignoring the manufacturer's
specs?  Can't believe the solution is to add more guys to increase the
ratings as then you can't fit the lower antennas it and rotate them,
besides, there are no specs from Rohn on how adding more guys affects the
ratings without using their design service.  Is something else besides 55G
being used?  If so, what (and is reasonably priced)?  How can the ring
systems and rotating tower systems honestly market products for 45G/55G when
the towers aren't rated for that type of installation in the first place?
And finally, if I'd like to stack 2 or 3 decent multibanders (like a C-4XL),
what do you use for tower?

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