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[TowerTalk] Fall Protection Suggestion

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fall Protection Suggestion
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 21:25:23 -0400

     FWIW - The Trylon web page (  ) has both Amateur and
commercial listings.  On the commercial pages, one can find a similar fall
arrest system made for the Titan towers (probably at a commercial price,
whatever that may be.)

     Also listed are side mounts for pipe (think stacked Yagis) and a work

     The usual disclaimer (I'm not an employee, etc.)

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F
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From: Dan Levin <>
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To: <>
Date: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 7:51 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Fall Protection Suggestion

>I've asked enough questions and received enough great
>advice on TT - I wanted to try to contribute
>something for a change :-)
>In my recent installation of a Trylon 72' tower, I
>decided to install a 'professional' fall protection
>system.  I've been very happy with the results, and
>want to encourage others to think about taking a
>similar approach.
>Most towers that I have seen and/or climbed have no
>fall protection system installed.  The climber uses a
>fall protection lanyard, either with a single clip or
>a forked lanyard with two clips.  In either case, you
>either have to climb unprotected (efficient, but very
>dangerous), or clip and unclip every couple of steps
>up and down the tower.  With a single lanyard, every
>unclip to move your protection is risky.  With a
>double lanyard you don't have the risk, but you still
>have the hassle of moving your protection every
>couple of steps.
>In at least some (maybe all, I don't know)
>professional tower installations, a permanent fall
>protection system is put in place.  These systems use
>a track or cable to provide 100% continuous fall
>protection to the climber.
>On my Trylon, I installed a steel cable that is
>securely attached at the top of the tower, and runs
>down one face.  I used spacers at the top and bottom
>to keep the cable off the tower face.  A "trailing
>rope grab", an OSHA approved device that clamps on to
>the cable in the event of a fall, clips on to my fall
>protection lanyard and follows me up and down the
>tower as I climb.  I am protected all the time, and
>don't ever have to unclip my lanyard.  This system
>allows me to climb quickly and securely, without
>danger and without the nuisance of managing my
>protection on my way up and down the tower.
>I bought an 80' length of 5/16" galvanized steel
>cable from for $.42/ft.  The
>cable attaches around a leg and to my thrust bearing
>plate at the top of the tower using 3 cable clamps
>per the manufacturer's spec.  It then runs through a
>12" long 1" wide 1/8" thick piece of galvanized steel
>that serves solely to space the cable off the face of
>the tower.  I bought the spacer steel at a local
>Orchard Supply Hardware store, and had a local
>machine shop bend at 90 degrees at one end (to hook
>over the brace of the tower) and drill a hole at one
>end for a 1/4" bolt (to hold it to the tower brace)
>and at the other end to allow the cable to pass
>The cable then runs down the face of the tower to a
>second identical spacer at the bottom of the tower.
>A single clamp below the lower spacer provides enough
>tension to keep the cable straight and spaced off the
>tower face.
>Imagine at this point a 5/16" cable running parallel
>to and about 12 inches from one face of the tower.  I
>installed my tower intending to climb the north
>facing 'nose' (to keep the sun out of my eyes), so I
>installed the cable on the face that is to my left as
>I climb.
>Then I bought a Miller Microloc trailing rope grab
>from  The rope grab is designed for
>use with 5/16" steel cable.  The grab clips on to the
>fall arrest lanyard.  It runs along the cable, and at
>least in the upward direction it just slides along
>the cable behind me as I climb.  Going downward it
>sometimes requires that I reach out and slide it down
>the cable, which is no hassle.  I think if I had
>chosen a more expensive grab, it would trail going
>down more easily.
>The summary is that for around $200 ($116 for the
>Microloc, $35 for the cable, a few bucks for the
>clamps, spacers, etc.), I have a full time reliable
>fall protection system.  In the context of a multi-
>thousand dollar tower system, $200 seems well worth
>it.  You might consider adding such a system to your
>tower(s) if you climb them much.  It sure makes me
>feel safer than climbing towers without them.
>All the best, and safe climbing,
>              ***dan, K6IF
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