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Subject: [TowerTalk] Replies: Solder Pot Sources
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 09:30:13 -0400

     Thanks to those who repsponded with suggestions.  I haven't bought a
solder pot yet (ran out of time), so I had to hand-tin the coax braids.  But
for those interested, here are the responses:

* * *
... Another place I always check is my b uddies who work for contractors
(Northrop Grumman,
etc.) Those places us LOTS of solder pots. Odds are you MIGHT be able to
talk them into
either pointing you in the direction of aplace to looksee OR they might be
persuaded to
let you come and see what theyhave.

* * *
Do you know anyone in an electronics assembly plant?
They should know sources.

* * *
Maybe try Mark Electronics 301-595-5040.  They have lots of neat stuff.
Electronics Plus 301-937-9009.  They also have a wide selection of old and
stuff. [Both are Maryland stores.]

* * *
Some guns shops carry them for the bullet molders.  Some are electric,
others as simple as a little pot with a pouring notch.

* * *
Check the fishing dept. of your local Wal-Mart store. They have pots for
melting lead for fishing lures.  $29.95 if I recall for a simple

* * *
For a local source, try contacting Active electronic
distributors in Glen Burnie [Maryland].  They may sell them.

* * *
Capitol Radio in Gaithersburg [Maryland], Dancom in Chantilly [Virginia],
Electronics in Arlington [Virginia] come to mind..

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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