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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 00:11:37 EDT
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<< Can you  feed a yagi  efficiently with a feed impedance of 10 to 25 ohm.
 What is the best way type of  feed. T match or what ever?
A T Match needs a balun unless it's done like an Antenna Mfg on the West 
coast did.  It worked great.  I think they were called Pro Antenna or 
something like that.  The Clements Match works great and doesn't require a 
balun either.  It can be adjusted or balanced so there is no RF Spill Over 
either.  A hair pin match can be fed without a balun by running the coax up 
the center of one side and running the center lead across.  This was widely 
shown in WWII Antenna Manuals.  Hy Gain for some reason didn't use it but 
some ham had an article in QST showing how to do it on a tribander without 
upsetting balance. k7gco

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