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<< Ken and all -
 As a matter of interest, the W.W.II wideband, high power balun built into
 the hairpin is used on the (current production) 2D-series of antennas mfg.
 by CAL-AV.  See
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Thanks for the input.  Over the years I've been more and more acceptive of 
the hairpin match.  For years I was againt any reduction of the high current 
area being canceled from radiating in a hair pin.  But in Eznec I've run many 
patterns where the DE was less than a 1/2 wave and more than 1/2 wave and 
there was virtually no change in the pattern.   There can be a bandwidth 
difference but with a short 50 ohm hairpin it's very close.  No balun is 
needed if the coax is run up one side of the hair pin, any R value can be 
obtained and there is nothing to saturate.  It's a pretty good match although 
not my favorite.  k7gco

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