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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 05:31:33 -0600
On Thu, 11 Oct 2001  Dennis Schaefer <> writes:
> I can manage  two towers (about 60 ft each), and this will allow 
> using 2 radios at the  same time.   
> Dennis,   W5RZ

With two towers, I would go with Monobanders.

A VERY GOOD 3L20 can be realized on a 24 ft boom (8.5 dBi)
and it will work well at 60 ft.  The boom can be gamma matched
as a rotary dipole on 40M.  Do NOT connect the boom feed and
20M beam to separate radios, the RX front ends will not survive!
My Telrex 3L20 on a 24 ft boom is nearly identical to a 204BA 
in gain and F/B.  OR, just go with the 204BA.  It is a good antenna.

You could stack 5L10's at 40 and 70 ft.  The HyGain 105BA is a 
decent antenna on a 24 ft boom.  You can pick up another 0.5 dB
going to a 26-28 ft boom.

Stacked 4L or 5L15's at 40 and 70 ft is a powerful combination.
Having the 15M antennas on a separate tower allows simultaneous
operation on 15 and 10 or 15 and 20 with minimal interaction.  The
115BA is a good choice.  You can get another dB of gain going to
a 36 ft boom with 5 or 6 elements.

Used monobanders can often be purchased at attractive prices.

For additional directional and waveangle diversity, add a tribander
on a separate 40 ft tower.  You will be surprised at how well this
antenna works, especially during daylight hours!

Tom  N4KG

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