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[TowerTalk] Theory's great... but what about the 'How To'?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Theory's great... but what about the 'How To'?
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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:46:53 -0400
I continue to be fascinated by the debates on TT.  The explanations
accompanying the positions help me (and perhaps others) to understand the
complexities of antenna theory, design, and operation.  However, my learning
process would benefit greatly from some 'hands-on' experiments.  The recent
exchange about use of ladder-line for an ALL-band dipole is a good example.
I have a dipole I would like to use on 80 thru 10 meters.  Until that
exchange, I would have not considered anything other than the 'usual' coax
feed and an antenna tuner.

So...  what books would you recommend?  I am particularly interested in
books that include actual projects as well as theory.  For example, I would
like to try 'feeding the boom' of my yagi, but need background info and
details of how-to.  (I don't know what booms would qualify as "feedable".)
And what about ladder line for dipoles?

I am aware of the ARRLs antenna handbook.  But is there one which YOU find
quite good... one which has principles and explanations, projects to build
working models, etc.?  I would appreciate your recommendations.

Thanks for the bandwidth.


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