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Fw: [TowerTalk] Voltage vs Current feed

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Subject: Fw: [TowerTalk] Voltage vs Current feed
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 12:07:16 -0700
The explaination, as far as I know is correct.  However, it does not tell 
me anything.  How do I tell if my antennas is fed what way?  In other words 
how do I tell if it is a current feed or votage feed, where are the nodes 
or loops.  From a diagram of a dipole (resonant, not an end fed or a duplex 
antenna) it is a current fed with the current max at centre with the feed 
at the centre.  However, when not resonant this changes.

Chris opr VE7HCB

At 08:42 AM 2001-10-15 -0600, wrote:

>For more information on Long Wire antennas
>(the dipole is a subset of L.W. antennas)
>see the Antenna Fundamentals chapter (2)
>in the Old (1970's) ARRL Antenna Books,
>especially the sections on Antenna Impedance
>and Harmonically Operated Antennas.
>Basically Current Feed is when the feedpoint
>is a Current Node and Voltage Feed is when
>the feedpoint is a Voltage Node.
>Tom  N4KG

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