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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 06:16:54 EDT
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 For the group's interest, we've received a shipment of RG83/U, the 35 ohm
 coax that has been very hard to find in the past year or so. 
 Briefly, The characteristics are, in addition to the characteristic
 impedance, capacitance of 44pf/ft, velocity factor .66, 0.102" OD solid
 bare copper center conductor, pe dielectric, 97% bc shield and 0.405" PVC
 Pricing, happily, is markedly less than the previous stock.
35 ohm coax is great coax for matching 24 ohm loads typical of mobile whips 
and beams but it's still unbalanced.  There is away to incorporate it into a 
Bazooka for a balanced feed for beams with more bandwidth.  It's also great 
for making 70 ohm balanced coax series connected.  It's ideal for steeping 
down 100 ohm balanced coax to 49 ohm loads.  I've paralleled 2-75 ohm coaxes 
to obtain 37.5 ohms coaxes.  I've paralleled a 75&92 ohm coax and obtained a 
41 ohm coax or a balanced 81 ohm coax

This sounds like very useful stuff and I'd like to buy some.  I like the 
.102" solid center conductor. 

Press.  I recently described some 60 ohm coax Columbia goofed on back in the 
60's selling as 50 ohm Pollyfoam.  This has many applications in particular 
as a 1/4 wave stub to match 72 ohm loads  I've tried to get Columbia to make 
it again as 60 ohm coax but it was a bit embarassing.  Perhaps you got more 
Clout and can get them or another maker to do it.  I think it would be a 
seller.  We need more Zo's like this for use of 1/4 wave unbalanced and 
balanced stubs.  I have some RG-59 size 56 ohm coax from WWII.   

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