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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 21:06:02 EDT
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 > 150W or more iron, make a solder pool there.  Then scratch the aluminum
 > surface under the solder pool thoroughly.  Then join.  What's happening is
 > this.  Aluminum oxide forms real fast after scrapping dry.  Scrapping
 > the sodler pool keeps the air off the freshly scrapped surface which would
 > oxidize almost immediately without the pool.
 > > k7gco
 I once saw an article that suggested using oil to keep the oxide from
 re-forming long enough to make the solder joint.  Unfortunately, I can't
 recall where I saw the article.  Probably in QST sometime in the last 15 to
 20 years [guess that really narrows it down, hi hi].  I've never tried it.
 I do remember seeing a vendor at a hamfest selling "welding" rods that would
 allow you to weld aluminum with a propane torch.
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I can't see how oil would allow the solder to stick.  A pool of solder would 
be the best air damn.  The Flea market solder is great stuff.  I solder 
elements together with it for ZERO maintenance and they have lasted about 9 
years now.  No Anti Corrosion Grease of any kind is needed or are SS clamps.  
You never wonder if the "RF Clout" from the beam is down if you don't get 
them on the 1st call as you usually do!  Did you ever notice how well the 
beam worked when the joints were new?  I will publish something on this how 
to get the best joints that looks like regular solder this winter.  K7GCO

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