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[TowerTalk] Source for stainless steel U-bolts?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Source for stainless steel U-bolts?
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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:29:46 EDT
Summit Racing Supply has good steel and stainless steel U-Bolts with double 
edge saddles. I would replace the standard nuts with elastic stop nuts for 
antenna use. Their online catalog sometimes gags so you might want to just call 
them. I've received solid service from Summit.
1-800-230-3030 or 1-330-630-3030

The following part numbers may be useful:

Summit Stainless U-Bolts (muffler clamps)

SUM-G4720  2.00" U-Bolt, 3/8" thick  $5.99
SUM-G4722  2.25" U-Bolt, 3/8" thick  $6.39
SUM-G4725  2.50" U-Bolt, 3/8" thick  $7.99
SUM-G4730  3.00" U-Bolt, 3/8" thick  $10.39

The plain steel units are SUM-G46xx and cost is $1.69, $1.99, $1.99 and $2.99 
for the sizes above.  Note that these come coated in light oil and once that is 
removed they will rust immediately unless treated.

For smaller u-bolts without saddles McMaster-Carr is a reasonable mail order 

TowerTalk regular W7NI offerers mechanically galvanized steel u-bolts with 
saddles. Stan's hardware page link is:



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