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[TowerTalk] mounting rotator inside the tower.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] mounting rotator inside the tower.
From: (Thomas Beltran)
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 20:22:12 -0700

I recently acquired a TriEx THD-354 tower, which was apparently damaged at
one time, and the repair shortened the top section by three feet, so that
the tower is now only 51 feet tall.  This tower has three sections.

I am fabricating a new plate on which to mount a new Yaesu G-800 rotator.
As a result, I can mount the rotator at any point on the tower.  There are
two plates with a short length of pipe welded through the plate, for a
bearing section, one at the top and the other about three feet below the
top, which will accept a 2" mast with a bit of clearance.  (The lower plate
was used by the former owner, not as a bearing surface, but to mount his
rotator - he had an older heavy duty TV rotator and he fixed a short length
of pipe into the lower plate and mounted the TV rotator on the pipe, and the
mast went up through the top of the tower)

My thought was to use a long (20 foot) mast, so that I could move the
rotator down to the point where the top section of the tower overlaps the
middle section, rather than having all the weight at the top of the tower.
Other than a longer mast, there is no extra work, but I wonder if there be
any real benefit to this, as opposed to mounting the rotator within 5 feet
of the top?  Tom W6EIJ

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