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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:32:46 EDT
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 You are correct. The venom is a protein, and Adolph's contains 
 papain, a proteolytic enzyme, found naturally in papaya (as well as 
 a few other fruits such as pineapple).
 On 22 Oct 01, Chuck Lewis wrote:
 > My anecdotal info is that the bee venom is a protein; which supports the
 > notion of meat tenderizer as an agent to break it down. Seems to make 
 > and has worked for me.
 > Chuck, N4NM
 > > I think that the use of ammonia is correct, in that I think that the 
 > > is acidic, therefore andy base would work in some degree.  Provided that
 > it
 > > is not a strong alkali that will eat your skin.  So in a pinch any 
 > > stuff with soda or ammonia would work as well as baking soda.  Best to
 > have
 > > this confirmed by a professional tho.
 >  >>

This all supports the premise that "Rattle Snake isn't all bad--it's 90% 
protein."   It unfortunately in a form you can't handle.  k7gco

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