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Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 02:51:28 EDT
Below are intresting observations about PL-259's from W7jwj.  Harry holds the 
CW record of over 75 WPM.  They claimed "he had an error in the text with an 
extra "e".  He challenged them and they found an extra e (a dit) in the text. 
 Detecting an extra dit in text at 75 WPM is incredible. k7gco

In a message dated 10/22/01 2:23:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, W7JWJ writes:
<< Ken
 In the critical timing circuits used for the 3.58 MHz color burst signal
 two identical coax cables must be timed precisely utilizing a dual
 trace oscilloscope.  If you screw up soldering a fitting and cut off an
 inch or so of one end of a coax, you'll have to cut off the same amount 
 on the second cable carrying composite video. or start with a new piece
 of coax.
 "Coax fittings unscrew themselves after midnight."  That's what
 the chief engineer explained to me when I was first hired a KOMO-TV.
 I found out they did.  Every couple of months we would spend hours
 tightening coax fittings, particularly the PL-259s.  
 Sometimes someone would screw up and replace a 75 ohm BNC
 barrel or fitting with a 50 ohm model.  If the cable handled a square
 wave pulse one could easily see the differentiated reflection.
 Harry W7JWJ >>

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