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[TowerTalk] Update on tvi/rfi & power supply humm issues

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Update on tvi/rfi & power supply humm issues
From: (jerryc)
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 16:26:59 -0400
Some time ago I posted questions regarding power line problems and power
supply noise.
I received a huge amount of useful info and tips on resolutions.  After a
lengthy process
of checking everything on my property and replacing or repairing all my
areas,  the receiver noise and tv interference actually has gotten worse.

I have been calling and talking to the power company at least two or three
a week to try and get it checked out.  They always seem to come when I am
at home (even though I gave them my cell number so I could come and meet
Today they did it again (came when I was gone) but I had to stop by the
house and
puck up a change of clothes before leaving town on business.  I pulled in
before they
could back out and leave.  After 5 min. of showing them what the symptoms
they finally agreed "there was a power company problem".  Up until now they
saying it was defective cable tv or something in my house.  One guy told me
I needed
to put some kind of filter on my receiver (he couldn't tell me what to get
but he was sure
they made something for that)  or maybe it was coming from my tower (even
with everything
turned off or disconnected).

Enough of the long story,  within 10 minutes after the service man left and
in to the office,  I got a call from a power co. tech. guy who said he would
bring the detection
gear early next week and chase it down.  Said he would have came today but
the windy conditions
made handling the antennas for the detection gear difficult.  He promised to
call me and let me be
there when he came and said "monday if possible".   He seemed very
cooperative and genuinely
interested in resolving the problem.  Either I made some headway or I've
been slickered again.

Only time will tell but I will post the results,  wish me luck.
Thanks to all who gave me advice and direction.

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