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Subject: [TowerTalk] Trylon T-500-72
From: (Byron Tatum)
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 19:49:12 -0500
Hello All-
        Today I finished my T-500-72 installation. My particular set-up uses
a TB-3 thrust bearing on the top plate, another plate 3' below with a
locking collar to hold the mast during antenna stacking, and the rotor plate
5' further down { in the top of the next-to-top section}. I plan to put UHF
/ SHF antennas on it with the 2" mast extending out the top about 12'.
        My base is a little larger than specified so I feel good about that,
and I like the sturdy feel of the larger sections  however I do have a
concern with the crossbraces in the top several sections. Maybe it is just
me but I have a problem with the single 1/4" bolt in the end of the
crosspieces. At times while working or moving around you find yourself with
both feet on a single crosspiece. I would feel a lot better with a larger
bolt in them, has anyone else found themselves feeling uneasy about your
life being in the hands of a few 1/4" bolts?
        By the way, I put this guy up with a homemade gin pole made out of
1-1/2" pipe, a multiple pulley block and tackle and by my lonesome {as I
worked a little here and there and did not want to bother anyone else}.
        I leveled the base section { immediately after pouring concrete}
with a 4' level per the instruction of Harold McFarlane, and was very
pleased when I laid a level across the plates up top, they were right on.
Overall I would say the fit-up of the parts was very good on this tower,
Trylon's drilling and bending is precision for sure.
        Anyway, if anyone is interested this is my report. 73, Byron,

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