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[TowerTalk] Need element lengths for 3 el 20M wide spaced yagi

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need element lengths for 3 el 20M wide spaced yagi
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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 23:30:25 EST
I have most of a Cushcraft 20-4CD, but am missing one director. ?I can 
probably buy the missing element from Cushcraft or homebrew same, but I would 
like to get it up on my 94' tower this week as a 3 el wide spaced beam 
centered around 14.150 for both CW and phone. ?I would prefer gain at the 
expense of F/R. Boom length is 32 feet. ?Antenna will be used mainly for 
contesting. I would like the elements equally spaced or close to that. 
?Cushcraft element lengths for their closed spaced 20-3CD ?el yagi (20' boom) 
centered on 14.100 are: 
REF- ?431 1/2 inches
DE ??420 inches
DIR ?403 1/2 inches
My ARRL Antenna handbooks give the following dimensions for a wide-spaced 
approximately 32' ?(.2 wl equally spaced) 3 el yagi centered on 14.050:
REF- 422 1/2 inches
DE- 401 3/8 inches
DIR- ?381 3/8 inches ?
I am surprised how different the above specs are and would appreciate your 
comments and confirmation of the ARRL Antenna Handbook specs, if possible. 
?Unfortuately, I don't have the entire CC yagi documentation so can not give 
you the element tubing dimensions, but maybe someone else can supply that 
And does anyone think I would be better off with 4 elements on the 32' boom?
Doug ?W0AH ?Woodland Park CO
I've spent the past 2+ hours using AOL 6.0 trying to resubscribe to Towertalk 
going between AOL 6.0 and "AOL Everywhere" and finally going to a different 
computer to send this message since I could not paste from AOL 6.0 to AOL 
Everywhere, and Towertalk would not accept a post from AOL 6.0  Does anyone 
know if Towertalk will accept posts from AOL 7.0  I hate to upgrade again and 
have even more problems. AOL will not let you downgrade to AOL 5.0 which 
works, and is on my older computer which I'm using now.

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