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[TowerTalk] Anyone using TENNADYNE log antennas???

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Anyone using TENNADYNE log antennas???
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Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 10:34:36 EST
I have a 75 foot tower that I have stacked the T6 logs upon using the WX0B 
stack match.  The first antenna is on a rotor at 75 feet, the second is at 42 
feet and fixed on EU.  The antennas have worked past my expectations and the 
stack, over time, has really proved to be worth the efforts.  This is a good 
system for those daring to stack antennas in residential neighborhoods.  The 
antennas are only on 14 foot booms and the guy wire supports for the tower 
only go out 50 feet.  So there is room to breath-  I decided to stack the 
T6's vs getting a bigger tribander, ie: Skyhawk and others, because the 
models looked to match the single bigger antennas in potential towards EU 
while providing the advantages of using a stacked system for various changes 
in propagation and for fun in contests.  The T6's are very durable and take 
full legal limit-  I also get 5 bands with a single feedline, not bad eh?  
The downside is that these are not monobanders, they are not on 35 foot 
booms, and a replacement set of antenna boom Ubolts costed me around $30 
bucks from Tennadyne-.....but from a survivalist point of view, my stack will 
be the last one standing/working in a variety of conditions- and when you 
live where I live, that's a key point- 

73  Paul  N0AH
Carpenter, Wyoming
The Furthest SE W7 Station in the World- Har!    

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