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[TowerTalk] 10m-20m Antennas Above 150ft

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 10m-20m Antennas Above 150ft
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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 21:54:54 -0600
On Thu, 31 Jan 2002  "Mike & Coreen Smith" <> writes:
> Nat/Group.
> I can't speak from DIRECT experience with a 10m yagi @ 150', but I 
> am a firm believer that the HIGHER the better.

        SO, you admit that you have NO  EXPERIENCE
        and don't know what you are talking about.

> All those that say a yagi @ 40' will beat the pants off everyone for 
> 1/2 the day on 20m is full of baloney (IMO)  (you just did a band

        NO  Question, high antennas OPEN and CLOSE the band.
        It's in the middle of the opening that the Low Antennas
        shine.  I have SEVERAL testimonials from guys with
        stacks on 150 to 200 ft towers on 10, 15, and 20M 
        testifying to that very fact who DO speak from EXPERIENCE.    
> If you are emitting a radio wave at extremely low angles (1-2 
> degrees) you will open and close the band.
> The past 10 years I have LIVED on 6 Meters (daily) and it's always 
> the guys with tall towers and big beams
> (100+ feet or big stacks @ 60'-70'--equivalent to your 10m antenna @
> 150'-200' in terms of wavelengths) that are the loudest, most 
> consistent and
> longest heard from).  On very weak openings sometimes it's ONLY the 
> guys
> with high towers (and not neccessarily kW's) that make it through.
> There are RARE exceptions, but I would say this is the case 90% of 
> the time.

        Well, lets see.  If the MUF is 54 MHz and 6M is just barely
        open, the highest supported angles are very close to the

        When the MUF is 50 MHz, 10M will be supported to 18 degrees,
        15M will be supported to 27 degrees and 20M will be supported
        close to 50 degrees.  Not exactly comparable to your 6M
        experinence.  N4KG
> I know I'll see a flood of Emails claiming that "my KT34xa @ 40' is 
> a big gun antenna", but IMO they'll never cream the likes of KC1XX, 
> W0AIH, K9HMB etc. etc. in  the pileup who have yagis
> up into the stratosphere. Why would people go to the expensive of 
> spending countless fortunes
> tall towers otherwise?  It's certainly more than a status symbol 
> among the well to do of our hobby.
        As I've said all along, you need BOTH  High and Low
        antennas.  Try it, you might learn something and 
        then you can speak from experience.   N4KG

        BTW, one of the reasons W3LPL likes his 200 ft high
        10M antenna is that it seems to cover ALL the angles,
        due to the fact that the lobes are very narrow and the
        nulls are even more narrow which tend to get filled in
        by small non-uniformities in the foreground terrain.
        Tom  N4KG

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