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[TowerTalk] Half slopers using a tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Half slopers using a tower
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Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 10:19:41 -0500

Are you saying lift the ground at the feed point and use a piece of wire
running down the tower ? Please use a diagram if possible

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I suggest using your tuner exclusively as an SWR Bridge and like someone
suggested, lengthen the wire 15-20 feet. It is easier to prune (cut) the
than add more to it.

One thing, however ... with even 128' of wire at a 50' feed point height,
angle of the wire from the vertical tower is going to well exceed the
45 degrees that we all try and achieve.  Therefore, much of your signal is
going to be wasted RF aimed close to straight up even with that Mosley Beam
on top of the tower to act as a capacity hat.

You might also try adding a single radial counterpoise wire directly beneath
the sloper approximately the same length as the sloper wire itself. Since
have the radiator and Coax. ground already in place on the tower, it is much
easier to experiment with a wire running from the base of the tower "above
earth ground" and terminated appropriately above ground beneath the sloper.

I hope this has been of help?

GL & 73.

Les, NN6K

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