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[TowerTalk] Is the FCC sharp? Is ARRL counsel swift?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Is the FCC sharp? Is ARRL counsel swift?
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 11:57:09 -0500
At 09:20 AM 1/1/02 -0700, Stu Greene wrote:
>> >.  The right and in my opinion legally correct way to decide ARRL's
>> >petition would have been to say this. " CC&Rs are contracts between owners
>> >of property in a subdivision, and as such have created  property rights
>> >with which we cannot interfere."
And I wrote:

>>Stu, Congress was willing to direct the FCC to pre-empt all forms of local
>>prohibition against satellite TV antennas, including CC&Rs.  FCC wrote regs
>>doing just that and then enforced them in some pretty sweeping cases.  Why
>>do you dismiss the possibility of the same thing happening for ham towers?

Stu replied:
>Pete -- because satellite television is a business and employs people who 
>pay taxes as do their employers. That's clout
>   Weigh ham clout against the clout of property associations, and I think 
>we lose.

And I respond:

Oh, OK -- I thought you said earlier that the FCC should just take a
general stand against interfering in property rights.  I agree that we need
to apply some serious muscle, and trust that the ARRL will be doing so.  I,
for one, will back them strongly, even though I live in a county where
amateur towers are excluded from any regulation as "essential public

73, Pete N4ZR

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