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Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 14:26:01 -0600
> At 01:00 PM 1/1/02 -0500, WX3K wrote:
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> >>>>>>>Pete...Are you offering to come over and help me bury 50 
> quarter waveground radials ??? I really need to bury them or the 
> lawnmower will  get themfor sure. My ground is very uneven here :-)

I cut my grass short and installed the radials after growing season,
wiggling the wire down to the ground.  Bobby pins (or bent galvanized 
steel or aluminum wire) can be used to hold the wires down.  

After about 6 weeks of growth, the grass roots will hold the wire 
in place.  Raise your lawn mower a notch or two to prevent digging 
into the ground and cutting radials.

For 160M, shunt feeding your tower is the BEST solution for
an effective radiator.  I worked my first 80 countries on 160
using a 50 ft high inverted L but my shunt fed tower was 
MUCH more effective in the pileups.

To make a 'Half Sloper' play well on 160M, you really need a
tall tower and very large Yagi such as a 3L 40M full size beam
for top loading.

See my article on Simple Elevated GP Antennas in QST for 
JUNE 1994 which utilizes the 'half sloper' concept as elevated
radials.  Several critics have pointed out that ground radials
would improve this simple implementation which I do not dispute.
On the other hand, I believe it to be superior to small loaded
verticals.  My 160M elevated GP with 6 radials at 15 ft. was 
good enough to work ZD9, ZL9, and XZ on 160M.

Any effective antenna takes some effort.

Tom  N4KG

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