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[TowerTalk] Ham IV indicator acting "funny"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham IV indicator acting "funny"
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Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 16:43:00 -0500
Hi all,

I need some help in determining what the problem is,
in my Ham IV control box meter.

I pulled off the top cover to change the meter bulb and
since then the meter has been giving erroneous readings
Meter plate is South-center.

1. When power is off, I can't mechanically Zero the 
     needle. It keeps drifting either side of Zero, with very
     small changes in the front panel screw. ( I'm using a
     nonmagnetic plastic Bournes plastic tuning tool).

2. With power on, I can calibrate the meter ok.
3. The meter indicates OK from South (center), thru West
    and up to North.
4. When rotating CCW from south, the meter will stay around
     160 deg., then when the ant is stopped at 90 deg., the indicator
     will catch up in a slow continuous sweep. 

     Note: I'm only turning a TH3jr and 3el 6 mtr yagi with this
               rotor. I can also see the antenna from the shack, when
               swinging it around.
5. From 90 deg, CCW to North, the needle will "lag" and slowly
    creep towards North, but never go past about 15 deg.

6. Thinking the needle was binding in spots, I tapped the face of
    meter (lightly) with my finger. The needle went crazy as if hit by
   a static charge....

Next, I will try going thru the resistance and voltage checks to see if
I can get a handle on the problem, unless someone out there has 
seen this condition before and has a solution.

I appreciate any and all help and ideas.

Thanks es 73,
John K1RC
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