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[TowerTalk] Interesting fact about Will-Burt Company, H-354 Crank up

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Interesting fact about Will-Burt Company, H-354 Crank up
From: (LEE R. WICAL)
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 22:02:31 -1000
        I have an H-354 Tri-Ex tower whos' raising (SS) cable severed one 
In my search for replacement cabling I looked up Will-Burt, who took over
the assets
of Tri-Ex, as the information on TT has lead us to know.
        I heard from many companies and TT subscribers with some very valuable
information and expertise. 
        From these company's I received several bids ranging from less than one
hundred dollars (USD) to $450.00 for a single SS cable!
        But interesting I received this e-mail from Will-Burt Company, 


        Dear Lee:
        "We are not manufacturing ham towers, but we can supply replacement 

        The standard galvanized cable kit for LM-354HD id $300.00.
        We can also make a cable kit for stainless steel cable. Price $450.00
        Shipment is 2 weeks. We don't have an 800 number.
        Regards, Don Barlow  (DBarlow@postoffice.TheWill-BurtCompany.Com) 

        I thought you might be interested in my sharing their reply and info.

Lee (

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